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9F 909 Sinil IT uto, 2-3 Dangjeong-Dong, Gunpo-City moving of building
Developed Das Repeater Module for Japan
Developed RF Triple Repeater for Americas
Developed Optical Transmission Module for South America
Developed KT WaLTS Repeater Module
Developed KT Maim Line Feeder Repeater
  Developed KT 2WIST Repeater Module
Developed Tower Top LNA for Export
Developed Optic Switch for LGT and KT
Developed LGT IBS Small 4G Repeater
Developed ICS RF Module for Vietnam
Developed KT CCTV WCDMA ONLY RF Repeater
Developed KT 3G+WIFI TWIST Module and Repeater.
Opened ROKO Systech R&D Lab.
  Developed TRS Module
Developed SKT TRIPLE METRO RF Module
  Developed SKT CW2 METRO RF Module
Acquired ISO9001, ISO14001
  Developed KT WIBRO Standard Light, Non-standard Light, Non-standard In-building, Subway RF Module
Developed trunk Line Repeater ?
Developed CS -2W ,5W UDC RF Module ?
  Developed LGT IBS Small Repeater

Developed UDC RF Module for China

Registered as a Venture
  Developed KT UHR RF Module
Developed KT 3G +WIBRO RF Module
  Developed KT Link Extension Amplifier ?
Developed LGT DPD RF Module
Developed MPR Module for SKT
  Developed TTA for KTF

Developed MPR Module for SKT

Developed TTA for KTF
  Developed Optic Module for Taiwan
Developed RF Module for KTF MICROWAVE Repeater
  Developed Optic Module for Seoul Metro TRS

Developed RF Module for KTF CC/CATV Trunk Line

Developed Small Repeater Module
Developed KTF W-ICS LNA,OCXO Module
  Developed KTF DB-ICS LNA, OCXO Module
Established ROKO Systech Co., Ltd.